Once upon a time...

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to be specific. This is before Brooklyn became the hipster Mecca it's become known for, the Brooklyn I will always love.

Music and art will always be a part of my soul. It defines who I am and how I see and interact with the world. My creative passion began in grade school, participating in various art shows and contests, and eventually painting full wall murals at my High School (Ft. Hamilton High School). Eventually music and production caught my attention, from DJ'ing to guitar playing, touring with bands and recording in some of the worlds best studios. Growing up in Brooklyn, NYC during the 90's, provided unique life-shaping experiences that defined my own unique identity and style. It has motivated me and set the stage for my career in digital marketing and media.

Currently I'm working for JCPenney providing direction for their digital customer experience across mobile, tablet and desktop. I also own and run a digital creative agency called Art Science Web with my wife Suzanne, and actively developing several startup opportunities in the travel and retail spaces.

Justin Howley at Kurt Cobain memorial bench in Viretta Park Seattle, WA